Signs Your Ex Still Loves You And Is Still Interested

Most people only look for the positive signs your ex still loves you and is interested in getting back together. They completely miss the fact that negative signals can also show that he or she still has feelings for you. Interpreting the signs your ex still loves you can be a little tricky. This video and article will explain some of them. They will cover the positive, negative, and the unreliable signals that your ex is giving off.

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What Are The Signs Your Ex Wants You Back?

If you want your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend back here are some of the positive signs that indicate your ex is still interested and is not ready to let go of the relationship just yet.

  • The lines of communication are open and your ex has initiated contact on more than one occasion.
  • They have contacted you for no particular reason.
  • Your talks about themselves and what they have been doing,  a sign they still care what you think.
  • They have not formed any new relationships.
  • They casually ask if you have met someone new. This is not just making small talk, they are still interested.
  • Claim that their family or friends miss you. It’s actually your ex who feels this way, but they are not ready to admit it.
  • They still have things at your place but they are in no hurry to retrieve them.

Signs Your Ex Misses You

Seeing signs your ex misses you are encouraging but sometimes these signs are unreliable. They actually may not be a positive signal that your ex wants you back, and they can be explained in a number of ways, and not necessarily the way you would like.

  • Your ex calls you. It could just be that your ex has contacted you about practical matters and they needed to call for a good reason.
  • They care about how you are coping with the breakup. Your ex is a caring person and has guilt issues about the breakup.
  • They are ‘hot’ and then ‘cold’ towards you. They are confused and unsure about their feelings themselves.
  • You have slept together. Wanting sex and wanting a relationship are two very different things

couple lying down beside each other

Simply put the attraction is still there, but the other essentials that keep couples together are missing. Attraction in itself is not enough to sustain a relationship. They may like you and care about you, but you have to work on meeting their emotional needs because if they don’t get them from you soon, they will stay an ex and find them somewhere else.

Be careful with these signs, you may think they mean something when in fact they do not. If you get it wrong you set yourself up for more hurt and humiliation by pursuing an ex who does not want to get back together after all.

What If You Are Getting Signs Your Ex Is Over You?

Negative emotions are a bad signal, right? Not necessarily so, surprisingly just the opposite can be true. Even if your ex is showing negative emotions it can still be a good sign that your ex is not over you. Any strong show of emotion means they still have strong feelings for you. A strong show of emotions is a positive indicator. A very bad indicator to see is not anger or hate its indifference.

If your former lover has stopped showing any emotions, it means they have stopped caring and it may mean that they are over you. Be cautious though, and make sure it is not just an act by your ex due to the breakup.

More On What The Signs From Your Ex Mean

Trying to interpret them is not always easy, and a lot of times they are on an unconscious or non-verbal level. In fact, if you have been wondering if your ex wants you back they may be thinking the same thing for the same reasons. There is still the question of how to get your ex back, and you will have to give them some space because it takes time to overcome the negative emotions after a breakup. Plus you still need to understand the problems that caused a breakup in the first place.

So what’s next? Easing your way back into their life requires timing and finesse. Re-attracting a mate is different than when you first met. If you are interested in how other people have achieved this you need to click the link below right now.

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