How To Give Ex Space And Time – No Contact And More

couple fighting imageGiving your ex space and time after a breakup does makes some sense as it gives the situation time to cool down. Nothing constructive will get done when you are angry and upset with each other. Is no contact with your ex really an essential part of any realistic plan for getting back together? Can you really get him or her back if you don’t talk?

How long should you maintain no contact? It may sound scary to give your ex space and time, but most people do take a while to move on. There is almost always a chance to make things right and get back together. You need to be prepared for that opportunity. Click the link below for a video on a new and different approach to get your ex back.

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Should You Give Your Ex Space And Time?

Give ex spaceYes, it is a good idea to give an ex space and time to miss you especially if they have asked for it. The danger here is that your ex may become even more locked into their decision if you start pressing them too hard and it may drive them even farther away. You may want to call your ex to work things out, but how about working things out with yourself first?

Breakups are traumatic so let’s take a deep breath, calm down a little, and begin working on the problem of how to get back together with your ex. I do sympathize with you so please forgive me for being blunt here. You can’t change something that has already happened. There has been a breakup and they are already gone. There’s nothing more to say except the two of you are no longer a couple.

Once you accept this fact the only consideration is what can I do to get my ex back? Since this is an emotional issue you are not going to be able to argue, persuade, or use logic to get back into their heart, that is not how emotions work. But by going about this in the right way your chances are still good.

How long Should You Give Your Ex Space?

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When you are giving them space you are also giving yourself the time you need to prepare for it. If you want them back don’t push them too hard. Constant calling, sending text messages or showing up uninvited shows real desperation on your part. Desperation is not a good re-attraction strategy.

While it is good to not to pressure them, don’t get carried away with a no contact strategy thinking that this is some kind of sure fire way to get them back. In fact, if you and your ex are talking civilly with each other it would make no sense to refuse to communicate. This is where a concept like this is misunderstood.

Yes give them space but be flexible and prepared. A very important part of getting back together involves timing and finesse. You will need to make your move at the right time and in a way that your ex will be responsive to. You can learn more about setting up and timing using an approach that has been used successfully by thousands of people in the same situation. Real help is just a click away and available right now. Watch the video to learn more.

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What Is The No Contact Rule?

no cell phone symbolThere is a lot of advice going around that you should not contact your ex after you have broken up (the no contact rule). Is there any merit to this approach? To begin I will have to say that a no contact rule is an overused and misunderstood concept. You are dealing with another person and with their emotions.

Thinking ahead to any problems you may encounter, and the steps you need to take depending on your own circumstances, makes getting back together much easier and faster. It is quite impossible to lay out every scenario here but limiting contact should be just one part of your master plan. Add the fact that every split is different and it is easy to see that there is no ‘rule’ that can cover the many different situations. The bottom line is to not be inflexible by blindly following some rule.

What Does Work To Get Ex Back?

Yes, after a split it is best to give the situation, and your ex, time to cool down. The question is “how long should I wait before I try to get my ex back?” There are way too many variables to give an honest answer to that here.

This is why it is preferable to think in terms of giving your ex space without having to follow any unbreakable rules. You need to be able to recognize the signs your ex is sending you and discover what it is they really want to hear.

To be honest this is too complicated to be explained in a small article. You are doing the right thing by searching for answers and the video below may be just what you are looking for.

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