Can I Get Ex Back? Do You Know About “The Attraction Hormone”

fixing a broken heartBreakups really suck especially when you have no idea how to get your ex back. So how do you get your ex back?  Forget the advice your grandfather may have gotten. New studies have pointed out different approaches using a mix of new discoveries along with time tested advice.

Some people are meant for each other. In human nature chemistry and love are interrelated. Certain people seem to be really attracted to each other right away. That’s when “excitement” or “feel good” chemicals are released into the brains “pleasure” or “reward” center like dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline.

After the craziness that is the beginning of a relationship these hormones go back to normal levels and give way to oxytocin, widely referred to as the attraction or love hormone. This is what makes us stick around in a relationship. This may sound complicated but it’s not. Even in the best relationships, the type of chemistry between lovers changes over time.

You can learn how to stimulate this “attraction hormone” by using three simple psychological techniques designed to reignite the passion that has disappeared from your relationship. Click below for more on this.

What Can You Do To Get Your Ex Back?

Sad woman

It is very important that you realize that the very first thing you need to do is slow down and give your ex some space and time. Of course, you want your ex back fast, but sometimes we fail to realize that it takes time to repair a break-up and build back your relationship.

Sad manAfter a break up most people drive themselves crazy recycling the same questions over and over in their heads. “What happened, what did I do wrong, why won’t they give me another chance etc”. When you are in that state of mind the answers you come up with are not based on fact or truth, and they will only make you feel worse. The point is calm down you don’t want to make the problem bigger than it already is.

Even if you think your relationship with your ex is completely over there is still hope. Try to avoid the common mistakes most ex-lovers make when they get dumped. They start begging and pleading. They ask for forgiveness and start begging for second chances. They keep saying “sorry” and “just give me another chance” again and again. The result of that is it usually pushes your ex further and further away and into the arms of another.

Does Giving Your Ex Space Work?

Give ex spaceYes, it’s a good idea to give your ex space and time to miss you especially if they ask for it. The danger here is that your ex may become even more locked into their decision if you start pressing them too hard. It may drive them even farther away.

This goes hand in hand with no begging and pleading. Breakups are traumatic so let’s take a deep breath, stop pressing, calm down a little, and begin working on the problem of how to get back together with your ex. Accept the situation, you can’t change something that has already happened.

There has been a breakup and they are already gone. There’s nothing more to say except the two of you are no longer a couple. Once you accept this fact the only consideration is what can I do to get my ex back? This is an emotional issue so you are not going to be able to argue, persuade, or use logic to get back into their heart, that is not how emotions work.

What Can I Do To Get My Ex Back

image of full ex factor courseBy going about this in the right way your chances are still good. Keep in mind that this short article can point out some of the first steps and other material but it really can’t go into much detail. There is much more you will need to know and do.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of positive things you can do that have worked very well for others. Your own choice at this point is quite clear. You could try to go it alone by guessing about what to do next, or you could make the smart move, and get expert help as you would for any other problem.

The link below will show you some of the new modern psychological techniques that work. Remember that this information comes from someone who is an expert in this subject and has years of experience helping other people.