Ex Is Talking About Our Times Together – Is This A Good Sign?

man and woman talking about old times.If your ex is talking about the good times you had when you were together it’s a good sign they may be open to getting back together. If they have completely given up on the relationship you are not going to hear anything at all from them unless it’s necessary.

This is a signal that your ex definitely has good feelings about the past.  Since it’s quite possible they are thinking about starting up with you again, what’s the next step? If you rush in too soon or start to pressure them, they will probably pull away again.


Does My Ex Want To Get Back Together?

image of ex factor guide pdfIf he or she is talking about the past good times that’s a great sign. Other good signals are:

  • The lines of communication have stayed open.
  • They have not formed any new relationships.
  • They ‘happen’ to run into you at various places.
  • Your ex talks about themselves and what they have been doing.
  • They casually ask if you have met someone new.
  • They still have things at your place but they are in no hurry to retrieve them.

These are all positive signs your ex still cares but you will still have to go about getting back together it in the right way to ensure success.

What Can You Do To Get Him Or Her Back?

image of full ex factor courseYou need to stimulate their emotional trigger buttons. The ones that make that gut-level emotion called sexual attraction towards you irresistible. Brad Browning who created the popular Ex Factor Guide claims that while there might be many reasons behind a breakup they all boil down to the fact that your ex has lost their attraction for you.

This is something you need to overcome. Some of his strategies involve new scientific discoveries about the naturally occurring hormone oxytocin. He also uses methods that have worked well for others in the past that are proven to work.

Avoid The ‘Just Friends’ Trap

Of course, you should be friendly with your ex. But be careful how you proceed here, there is a huge difference between being friends and being lovers. While two lovers are certainly best friends, it is a far cry from being the dreaded ‘just friends’ relationship killer.

We all have friends that we hang out with but have no intention of it being anything else besides friends. Learn how to create irresistible feelings of attraction in your ex to overcome this. Click the link below for more on that.

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Getting Started

First of all the breakup has happened it’s a fact. Accept it and move on with your life while always keeping an eye on reuniting with your ex. Rule number one is if you rush too much you will come across as looking desperate, wimpy, or clingy.

That’s obviously not what attracted your ex to you, to begin with. Stay strong, remember you are not their personal slave, you do not have to come running whenever they click their fingers. Be a little too busy to spend a lot of time on them, keep your ex guessing about what is going on in your life.

Maybe even play a little hard to get, without overdoing it. Giving excessive compliments about how good your ex looks, and being very attentive to them removes all the mystery because they know they can have you back anytime. There is even a chapter on dating others as a strategy.

Getting Back Into The Relationship

Go back to being the person you were when you first met when you would sprinkle some light teasing and banter into the conversation. You want to get back to that special kind of rapport and chemistry you had. Recreating the chemistry between the two of you will set off in their mind the possibility of becoming a couple again.

Be a flirt. By Flirting you are letting him or her know that you are interested.  If your ex is flirting back things are on their way back to rekindle the romance. Keep things light and easy, your ex is already talking about the times you had together, all that is missing is getting back to that special time.

Next Step After Your Ex Is Talking About the Good Times.

When talking try just a light touch of the arm or hand, initiating physical contact lets your ex know definitively that you are interested. But be careful and watch the reactions, if your ex draws away it is not time yet, if your ex is fine with it, or even better touching back, it is almost time to seal the deal.

This is where a ‘get ex back guide’ is very valuable. Recreate the romance by avoiding mistakes and making the right moves. Learn how to go about triggering their emotional buttons by using some clever psychological techniques. Click on the link below for more on this.

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